Counselling in the Prisons

A Way Forward Foundation has been approached by G4S Birmingham prison to work along side the chaplaincy, this is where our counsellors will be based, ensuring that we deliver and provide one to one counselling to the referred offenders.


Furthermore, we will be working along side the prison in order to deliver mediation between the staff and the offenders.

our service has now been offered to other prisons in the West Midlands.

Our staff working with the referred offenders within the prison service have gained insight on how to work with the offenders on a weekly basis through a 10 week basic prison link course. The knowledge gained enabled our staff to work with the offenders and ex-offenders more effectively and they found out more about themselves as individuals.

Stop and Think Crime Prevention Programme

Our Stop and Think workshop is a project that is aimed at the young people in Birmingham communities, schools, colleges and in young offender institutes.

The aim of this programme is also to encourage our young people. A voice to be heard with their thoughts on; crime, gangs, knife crime and mental health issues. It also goes into what impact it can have on their families, friends, communities and overall the Criminal Justice System. The concept of the workshop is that young people should be able to take the lead in the SAT program eith the hope of deferring young people from criminal activities and re-offending/ school or college exlusion.

This package will be delivered in schools and colleges alongside working in partnership with other agencies, to build and empower a strong message for young people and their families.


AWFF has been approached by ‘The Challenge’ in the summer of 2013 to engage their young people in the Stop and Think workshop of September 2013 and November 2013. The Challenge Network is a national charity that was founded in 2009. With the mission to connect and inspire young people from the challenge and 5 young  people representing the A Way Forward Foundation also engaged in this Stop and Think program, with a positive outcome overall 27 people who felt they were inspired with positive tools on their thoughts about crime, knife crime, mental health and gangs. The young people stated that they will take the knowledge in order to encourage friends and family to stay away from crime and offending.


  • What are gangs?
  • Why do young people join gangs?
  • Why do girls join gangs?
  • What is the difference between girl gangs and boy gangs?
  • DVD
  • An ex offender/ gang member- Motivational speaker
  • Role play of gang members and non gang members devised by young people.

For more information please contact Mark Gordan or Alexandra Groves via email






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