About A way forward Foundation

Who we are and what we are here to do

Our Aims and Objectives:


the foundation will achieve its aims principally, by providing a counselling and mentoring service to communities in and around Birmingham.


  • To increase the self-esteem and confidence of young people through 1 to 1 mentoring
  • To better the quality of life of young people by providing life skills workshops
  • To raise awareness of the dangers of children abusing parents and knife crime within the community
  • To promote healthy relationships, provide emotional guidance and a sense of continuity and stability.
  • To raise aspirations by working  with schools, colleges, social services and the police
  • To provide outdoor activities in order to build young people's confidence, motivation and team building.

A way Forward foundation is a charity incorperated organisation.

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Our Charity N0. 1166659

Company N0.    09925127

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The Citadel, Suite 4-5

190 Corporation Street,


B4 6QD




                 Contact No(s):

Alexandra (Director): 07482871120

Martha (Operartion                   Co-ordinator): 07522526048 

AWFF: 01212120192

Courtney (Team Leader): 07411753474 

Ranita (Volunteer Co-ordinator): 07305152567 

Mariah (Team Leader): 07930655694


Email: info@awayforwardfoundation.co.uk



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