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Who we are and what we are here to do

Our Aims and Objectives:


the foundation will achieve its aims principally, by providing a counselling and mentoring service to communities in and around Birmingham.


  • To reduce the isolation and the dependency of people with mental health issues and concerns.
  • To reduce depenency on public services i.e. health servives used by people with mental health issues and concerns.
  • To increase the self-esteem and confidence of people with mental health issues.
  • To increase the quality of life of people with mental health issues and concerns.
  • To reduce the amount of re-offending being committed within the community.
  • To work with the Probation Trust, prison service and the police to offer counselling and mentoring to current and ex offenders.
  • To provide outdoor activities in order to build peoples confidence, motivation and team building for children and young people.
  • To offer mentoring to children and young people as well as providing emotional guidance, a sense of continuity and stability.
  • To provide a programme to support for perpertrators of domestic violence and abuse liasing with a national offenders management service.
  • To work with other support and counselling services related to domestic violence and abuse.

Our History

The Awayforward Foundation has been established in Birmingham since 2010. Alexandra Groves, the founder and visionary of this organisation has lived on the Three Estates of Kings Norton for over 14 years. Alexandra has achieved a qualified diploma in counselling and has obtained a 2.1 degree within Criminal Justice and Psychology, she also has an Academic awareness in Forensic Psychology also having studied for the Forensic Mental qualification. 

Kings Norton is on the Southern boundary of Birmingham, adjoining Worcestershire also including a variety of communities such as; Hawkesley, Pool Farm, Primrose Hill, West Heath and boarders the neighbouring wards of Northfield and Bournville.


It is an historical place on the edge of the countryside with alot of greenbelt land. Kings Norton derives its name from the Norman period, meaning 'north farmland or settlement' belonging to or held by the king, when Kings Norton was apart of the Kings forest in the ditrict of Bromsgrove.


According to the 2001 population Census, there were 20,729 people resident in Kings Norton and compared to the rest of Birmingham, it has a relatively small ethnic minority population of 7%. The census also found that although the number of people unemployed were slightly below the city average in a high percentage of homes (36.3%) are lone parent households, 41.8% of people with no qualifications. This has resulted in a high rate of low income families, youth delinquency and youth crime and which generally correlates with areas which have an high number of individuals with a  low quality poor mental health.


The 2002 Evaluation of New Deal for Communities observed that 22% of the people in Kings Norton are sufferring from depression and anxiety compared to the UK average of 19%. The mori poll in 2002 found that 17% of local residents suffer from anxiety compared to the national average of 11%. The local Stakeholders Group (2003) identified the need for more counselling services by highlighting that there is little pastoral care in existing health care services and generally services are too crisis orientated.

Away Forwardfoundation is a non-profit charity, we welcome any kind of support.

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In partnership with:


  1. G4S Birmingham prison
  2. West Midland Police Pathways
  3. Police Crime Commissioners
  4. A Wards For All
  5. BAYC Birmingham
  6. BVSC
  7. National Citizen service/ Challenge Network
  8. elinks
  9. Mentoring and befriending Foundation
  10. Probation Trust (community payback)
  11. Newman university
  12. OCN 
  13. Hear 4 U Counselling Service