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Mentor's mission

Our mentoring programmes make prevention effective and visible by targetting children and young people and those around them as well as policy makers and practioners working in prevention locally. Our aim is to identify, undertake, support and disseminate the best promising practice in prevention. The project work reflects this and our focus upon other voluntary mentors.



Stop an Think prevention programme:

The Home office 2017 states reducing violence, including knife and gun crime, and protecting vulnerable individuals from violence and exploitation by gangs is a priority for the government. We are working with the police, retailers and voluntary sector groups to tackle knife crime and are working with the National Crime Agency to address the changing nature of gangs.



Children abusing parents:

Children and teenagers abusing their parents is a growing concern, charities and experts have told Newsbeat.

The group Family Lives says nearly a third of over 80,000 recent calls to its helpline involved children being physically aggressive.

A Home Office minister says it is "a serious and often hidden issue".

One academic has called it "a hidden form of violence against women", after finding that 9 out of 10 recorded victims were mothers

The stereotypical notion of domestic violence has usually meant some form of abuse from one spouse to another, or from adult or child, but police and social workers are reporting a growing trend of children assaulting their parents.



Our counsellors are trained to respond to the needs of young people. Often, the counselling journey can be challenging and difficult at times as it may take youngsters back to areas of their lives that are misunderstood. Throughout the counselling process, individuals are able to take control of the issues in their lives and are given tools and support to look at the things in a more positive way at their own pace and time .                                                   








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