Initial Counselling Appointment

At A Way Forward Foundation, prior to offering counselling to individuals, they will be invited to attend an initial counselling appointement that will be taken up with a qualified counsellor. This assessment give you the opportunity to have a greater understanding about counselling is, what we have to offer and if it is the right thing for you.


As professionals, we recognise that counselling may not be suitable for everyone and would endeavour to signpost to an alternative agency.

What do you think counselling is?

The A Way Forward Foundation counselling service can help you explore the difficulties or issues that you may be facing. AWFF's qualified counsellors will be able to journey with you in an non-judgmental and warm environment. Your counsellor is there in order to help guide you by achieving and boosting self-esteem and confidence enabling you to move forward and to be able to live a positive and resourceful life.


Our counsellors are trained to respond to the needs of the person. Often, the counselling journey can be challenging and difficult at times as it may take you back to areas in your life that has been suppressed. Throughout the counselling process, individuals are able to take control of the issues in their life, they are given the tools to look at the things in a more positive way at their own pace and time (IT'S ABOUT YOU).


As trained counsellors, we acknowledge that sometimes the individuals may feel like they are hopeless and they have no control over their feelings, behaviours and thoughts.

Away Forwardfoundation is a non-profit charity, we welcome any kind of support.

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